Pomegranate Gallery, SoHo NY

Born in Baghdad in 1971, Delair Shaker started his journey in an environment surrounded by art, culture, and creativity. At home, Delair's mentor was his father, Saad Shaker, a pioneer in ceramic art in Iraq, who instilled in him the love of art and appreciation of beauty in all forms. Since he was seven years old, Delair has spent most of his time in his father’s ceramic studio where he developed a great passion for clay. Thereafter, he pursued this passion and spent five years at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad learning and exploring more of the secrets of ceramic art. After his graduation in 1990, he participated in several art exhibitions and received an award at the Al Wasiti Art Festival held in Baghdad in 1992. Two years later, Delair accepted the position as an art teacher at a renowned private school in Jordan. Later, he became the head of the school’s art department where he organized the annual art shows. During his years in Jordan, Delair established his own ceramic studio where he experimented with the use of different materials with clay, which resulted in the production of a new form of ceramic art.

Delair was actively involved in the art movement in the region and took part in many art exhibitions held in Jordan and other Arab countries. He also designed and produced a number of ceramic murals and carried out a project representing sea life at the Aqaba Resort in Jordan in 2002. Presently, Delair resides in Phoenix, Arizona and is on the threshold of a whole new art experience seeking originality, vitality, and innovation.

Untitled, 2005
Mixed Media on Paper
30 x 22 inches (76 x 56 cm)
133 Greene Street
NY, NY 10012